Fraudulent Online Websites Notice

KRISS USA Inc. has been made aware of several fraudulent online retail web sites posing as KRISS USA Inc. or KRISS USA firearm dealers. Given the nature of these websites, and the risk to your privacy, personal and financial information, we are taking every step we can to identify, stop, and prosecute these retailers with the support of state and federal law enforcement agencies.

These web sites are using similar names to ours, such as: KRISS Firearms USA, KRISS USA Rifles, and similar names including “KRISS”, with payments accepted via third-party apps or cryptocurrency wallets.

If you encounter such a web site, please stay away from it, do not place any orders, and do not provide any personal or financial information. KRISS USA products can only be purchased through an authorized FFL dealer or

In the event you have been exposed to such fraudulent web sites and believe your personal or financial information has been compromised, please report these transactions to your bank, credit card company, the Federal Trade Commission, and the FBI’s Internet Crime Center.