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KRISS Firearms – Vector

  • What is the KRISS Vector and why was it invented?
  • The KRISS Vector is a major re-think and redesign of the way in which semi and automatic weapon operating systems should work—a design challenge that hasn’t been successfully addressed since the invention of the Maxim machine gun more than 120 years ago. Any caliber weapon, firing a cartridge ranging from .223 to 50 BMG or larger, generates tremendous levels of recoil to cycle the weapon which is felt by the operator. This felt recoil and increased muzzle climb will drastically reduce the accuracy of the operator and the time needed to re-acquire the target. The KRISS system was designed to address and solve these issues and work with the operator for a more desirable effect.
  • How does the KRISS Vector work?
  • The KRISS Vector overcomes the effects of the felt recoil by redirecting the blowback energy down and away from the operator. Traditional firearms utilize a “straight-line” design that drives the action of the firearm directly toward the operator creating a substantial increase in the felt recoil and movement. The Vector reduces the felt recoil and muzzle climb through a counter-balancing mass in the form of the bolt and slider mechanism that absorbs the shock and redirects the forces away from the operator. This action will increase the operator’s ability to consistently put rounds on target faster and more accurately whether it’s semi-auto, multi-round burst, or a full automatic rate of fire.
  • What are the benefits of the KRISS Vector?
  • The KRISS Vector is the only weapon operating system in the world that actually helps the operator put more rounds on-target, more of the time. Traditional weapons operating systems actually work against the operator; these systems create recoil and barrel elevation forces that require the operator to constantly recapture his sight picture. Instead, by revectoring these forces, the patented Vector system works with the shooter by helping to keep the muzzle exactly where the operator points it. No recapturing or reacquiring of sight picture is needed.
  • Which calibers are available for the KRISS Vector?
  • The KRISS Vector is currently available in .45 ACP, 9mm Parabellum (9x19mm), 9x21mm (in select markets), and .40 S&W.

    A new rimfire Vector model chambered in .22LR was introducded in 2020; this model features a traditional straight blowback system as the Super V system is not needed due to the .22LR cartridge’s characteristics.
  • What ammunition can I use with my Vector?
  • Use only new, factory manufactured ammunition in your KRISS Vector that is the correct caliber and is made to SAAMI specifications and/or C.I.P approved.
    For a more detailed answer, please visit our Compatible Ammunition page.
  • Which magazines are compatible with my Vector?
  • The KRISS Vector is designed to accept full size factory Glock™ magazines, Gen 3 or newer; compact and subcompact magazines are incompatible. We cannot guarantee the fit nor function of aftermarket magazines.

    The Vector in .45 ACP accepts a Glock™ 21 magazine.
    The Vector in 9mm accepts a Glock™ 17 magazine.
    The Vector in 10mm accepts a Glock™ 20 magazine.
    The Vector in .40 S&W accepts a Glock™ 22 magazine.
    The Vector in .22LR accepts Vector 22 magazines.

    The Vector 22 does not accept Glock™ 44 magazines nor will it accept aftermarket Glock™ .22LR conversion magazines.
  • How and where can I purchase a KRISS Vector?
  • If you are an FFL dealer, our firearms are available through our distribution network; qualifying dealers may purchase firearms directly through a KRISS USA sales representative. Please contact our Sales team for more information.

    If you are not an FFL dealer, the semi-auto KRISS Vector CRB, SDP, and SBR models are available for purchase through your local gun shop. You can search for the nearest KRISS direct dealer on our website using our Dealer Locator. If you can’t find a KRISS direct dealer nearby, simply reach out to your local gun shop and ask them to contact us or our distribution partners.

    The KRISS Vector SMG (submachine gun) is a select-fire model only available to qualified LE/MIL units here in the US and overseas. They are never available for individual purchase, and may only be issued to an agency, department, or unit. Please contact our Sales team for more information.

    If you are outside of the United States, please see our list of International Dealers to find the appropriate KRISS importer for your country.
  • Do you have models available for all 50 states?
  • KRISS USA produces Vector models that are compliant in most states to include Massachusetts, New Jersey, and California.

    We do not have a Vector model that is compliant with New York nor Connecticut.

    The Vector SDP (centerfire and rimfire) may not be available in all states due to pistol/handgun restrictions.
  • What is the difference between the different generations of KRISS Vector?
  • In an ongoing effort to continue to refine the Vector platform since its first introduction in 2006, the Vector saw its first major revision in 2015 with the introduction of the Gen 2 revision. The internal components were refined for better reliability as well as better compatibility with a wider range of ammunition specifications.

    Externally, the first major difference between the GEN 1 and GEN 2 revision is the trigger. The GEN 1 Vector’s sliding trigger, reminiscent of a 1911 handgun trigger, was replaced with a pivoting trigger. The redesigned trigger and fire control group features a lighter ~3.5lb trigger weight with greatly improved tactile feedback.

    The GEN 1 Vector featured an integrated light receptacle in the upper housing, designed to accept a SureFire E1B light. This light had been discontinued by SureFire, so the GEN 2 Vector no longer has this integrated mount. The GEN 2 Vector features ambidextrous, short throw (45°) safety controls, compared to the original GEN 1 Vector’s longer 90° throw.

    In 2017, the Vector GEN 2.1 (Gen 2-2017) update was made to improve the Vector’s stock and arm brace options. The nearly-decade-old design of the integrated hinge mount was replaced with integrated AR buffer tube threading in addition to internal threading. While the original hinged side folding stock is no longer compatible, removing the reliance on the integrated hinge mount allows us to offer new stock and arm brace solutions, as well as wider compatibility with aftermarket solutions.

    In addition to the capability of directly attaching a standard AR buffer tube and a stock of your choice, the GEN 2.1 Vector can take advantage of our Ambidextrous Side Folding Stock with adjustable length of pull and an ambidextrous side folding adapter that adds folding capability to an AR buffer tube and stock as well as an AR pistol tube and arm brace for use with Vector SDP models.
  • How do I add lights and accessories to my KRISS Vector?
  • The Vector’s receiver features a standard Picatinny accessory rail on the bottom. For additional accessory space, the Vector Side Picatinny Rail Kit may be purchased and attached to the side of the receiver. While there are provisions on the left and right side for this accessory rail, we only recommend mounting accessories to the right side of the receiver to avoid interference with the charging handle.

    For even more accessory space, we manufacture several styles of handguards that may be installed onto your Vector’s receiver. These handguards have mounting points throughout so you may attach one or more Picatinny Rail Kits or M-LOK accessories (compatible models) and your desired accessories. Please visit our online store for more information.
  • Can I add a suppressor to my KRISS Vector?
  • Suppressors may be installed onto the KRISS Vector SBR, SDP and SMG models. Suitable suppressors must be designed for use with a fixed barrel and indexed against the muzzle. Make sure to follow all local and federal regulations regarding suppressor use and ownership.

    The KRISS Vector CRB (centerfire) is not intended for use with a suppressor and a threaded barrel is not available, but the rimfire Vector 22 CRB is capable of accepting a sound suppressor.
  • How do I change my Vector’s caliber? Can I use a Vector 22 receiver with a centerfire upper?
  • We do not offer a service to convert an existing caliber Vector receiver into a different caliber, nor do we make a “kit” to convert an existing caliber Vector into another caliber.

    Caliber interchangeability refers to the fact that all GEN 2 Vector centerfire models share the same upper assembly. There is no “caliber change” kit as the barrel is riveted into the receiver and is not designed nor intended to be removed nor replaced outside of the factory.

    For example, if you own a Gen 2 Vector CRB chambered in .45 ACP and also wish to have a 9mm Vector available, you will only need to purchase a 9mm Vector complete receiver, then install your existing upper assembly onto the 9mm receiver.
    We also recommend replacing the ejection port with the one designed for your intended caliber. The .45 ACP ejection port is also used with the 10mm, and the 9mm ejection port is also used with .40 S&W. The ejection port is easily replaced and may be purchased from our online store.

    The Vector 22 is a dedicated rimfire platform. The Vector 22 receiver is incompatible with a centerfire upper assembly, and the Vector 22 upper assembly is incompatible with centerfire receivers.
  • I currently own a CRB and I would like to convert it to a Short Barrel Rifle or Pistol, is this possible? If so, how?
  • KRISS USA offers a conversion service to convert your Vector CRB into an SBR (Short Barrel Rifle). You will need to first submit a service request with us and provide all relevant paperwork. After your service request has been processed, you can ship the firearm to us and we will service your Vector as well as replace the 16″ barrel with a 5.5” or 6.5″ threaded barrel assembly. Please contact us for more information.

    It is not possible to convert a Vector CRB into an SDP (Pistol). Firearms manufactured as a rifle cannot be remanufactured as a pistol (“Once a rifle, always a rifle”); it is only possible to remanufacture a Vector CRB as a Short Barrel Rifle.
  • Can I convert my semi-auto Vector to select-fire like the SMG? Can I buy an SMG upper?
  • The Vector SMG is designed and constructed differently to the semi-automatic Vector models (CRB, SBR, SDP). All the components required for the Vector SMG’s select-fire capability are incompatible with the semi-automatic Vector.

    The Vector SMG’s fire control group and entire upper assembly is incompatible with the semi-automatic Vector’s receiver and are not sold separately.
  • I own a Gen 1 Vector. Can this be updated to Gen 2?
  • Yes, KRISS USA does offer services to update your GEN 1 Vector to current GEN 2 specifications. This service completely refurbishes your firearm to become a current Gen 2 Vector in every way and allows you to take advantage of all of the improvements made to the Vector platform. There is a charge for this service, which will vary case-by-case, please contact us for further information.
  • There are several Vector stocks and adapters produced by KRISS. Which one is compatible with my Vector?
  • The answer to this question will depend on the stock mounting solution found on your Vector’s upper housing.

    All Gen 1 Vector models, as well as Gen 2 Vector models manufactured prior to April 2017, had a built-in hinge mount on the right side of the upper housing.

    This integrated hinge mount was designed for mounting the original Vector side folding stock. In early 2014, a non-folding adapter was introduced to allow for mounting aftermarket stocks and arm braces that utilize a standard AR milspec or commercial-spec buffer tube. This adapter has been discontinued as of 2020 as it is not used with the current production Vector.

    In April 2017, the current Gen 2.1 Vector was launched, in which the upper housing was updated to remove the integrated hinge mount and add integrated buffer tube threading as well as an internal screw boss. This allows for direct mounting of an AR buffer tube or pistol tube for a fixed stock or pistol arm brace solution. We also have available an Ambidextrous Side Folding Adapter to allow for an AR buffer tube-mounted stock or AR pistol tube-mounted arm brace to be folded to the side, as well as an Ambidextrous Side Folding Stock that is adjustable in length.

    We do not manufacture an adapter to allow for the original integrated hinged stock to be attached to the current Gen 2.1 Vector.
    The ambidextrous side folding adapter and the ambidextrous side folding stock cannot be attached to the Gen 1 and Gen 2 Vector with the integrated hinge mount.

    Please note that adding an item classified as a stock onto a pistol will reconfigure your pistol as a Short Barrel Rifle and will require a $200 Tax Stamp with the ATF prior to construction.
  • How can I tell whether my Vector is a Gen 1, Gen 2, or Gen 2.1?
  • The Gen 1 Vector was only available chambered in .45 ACP and manufactured until 2015.

    In 2015, KRISS USA released the Gen 2 Vector in .45 ACP as well as a new model chambered in 9x19mm.
    In April 2017, KRISS USA began shipping the Gen 2.1 Vector (Gen 2-2017) with its updated upper housing.
    10mm and .40 S&W were added to the Vector lineup in 2018.

    The Gen 2 Vector receiver will accept either the Gen 2 upper assembly with the original integrated hinge mount or the current Gen 2.1 upper assembly.

    The Gen 1 Vector receiver will only accept the original Gen 1 upper assembly and must be updated to Gen 2 specifications to be able to use a Gen 2 upper assembly with updated fire control group.

    For further clarification, please refer to this visual guide which will help you determine your Vector’s generation.
  • When was my Vector manufactured?
  • We can provide you with a date of manufacture. Please use our Contact Us form and provide us with your Vector’s serial number. Please allow for 1-3 business days (typical) for date of manufacture requests to be processed.

KRISS Firearms – DMK22

  • Which magazines are compatible with the DMK22 platform?
  • The KRISS DMK22 line of sporting rifles and pistols can accept many aftermarket AR22 magazines, including those from Black Dog Machine, but we can only guarantee performance with factory original KRISS DMK22 magazines.

    The bolt stop feature will only function with original KRISS DMK22 magazines.
  • How and where can I purchase a KRISS DMK22?
  • If you are an FFL dealer, KRISS firearms, including the DMK22 line, are available for wholesale purchase through our distribution network.

    If you are not an FFL dealer, the KRISS DMK22C and DMK22P models are available for purchase through your local gun shop. You can search for the nearest KRISS direct dealer on our website using our Dealer Locator. If you can’t find a KRISS direct dealer nearby, simply reach out to your local gun shop and ask them to contact us or our distribution partners.

    If you are outside of the United States, please see our list of International Dealers to find the appropriate KRISS importer for your country.
  • What ammunition can I use with my DMK22?
  • Use only new, high quality, factory manufactured ammunition in your DMK22C that is of the correct caliber and specifications. Low quality ammunition may induce failures.
    For a more detailed answer, please visit our Compatible Ammunition page.
  • Is the DMK22 compatible with centerfire AR receivers?
  • The DMK22 platform was designed to mimic a Mil-Spec AR rifle. However, features that a centerfire AR rifle needs to function the action have been eliminated. The DMK22 was designed and approved by the ATF’s Firearms and Ammunition Technology Division (FATD) as a .22LR rimfire Sporting Rifle. The approval was granted on the premise that the DMK22 platform and its components are for use in the DMK22 exclusively.
  • Is the DMK22 receiver compatible with other .22LR complete uppers?
  • We cannot guarantee compatibility as the receiver and its components are designed to function with our upper assembly.
  • Are aftermarket .22LR bolt carrier groups compatible with the DMK22?
  • No, the DMK22’s bolt carrier group is designed to work with our patented barrel adapter.
  • Is it possible to replace the factory barrel with an aftermarket 10/22 barrel?
  • Yes, the barrel may be replaced with many aftermarket barrels. Professional fitment by a qualified gunsmith may be required and is highly recommended.
  • Can the trigger pack be replaced with an aftermarket trigger pack?
  • Yes, the DMK22 is capable of accepting many aftermarket trigger packs designed for centerfire ARs. Please pay careful attention to the hammer spring weight as a hammer spring that is too light or too heavy may induce failures. We are not able to provide any suggestions on tuning an aftermarket trigger pack for use with the DMK22 platform.
  • What kind of sound suppressors can be fitted onto the DMK22C-LVOA?
  • The DMK22 platform has a standard muzzle threading of 1/2″-28. The factory barrel’s muzzle threading terminates within the licensed War Sport LVOA handguard. Sound suppressors with an outer diameter measuring less than 1.25″ (32mm) will fit within the handguard. The average rimfire suppressor measures 1.02″ (26mm) in outer diameter.
  • Can aftermarket handguards be fitted onto the DMK22?
  • Yes, the barrel nut threading is standard. However, please ensure that the barrel nut for your particular handguard is compatible with the DMK22’s patented barrel adapter. We are not able to make any recommendations nor suggestions regarding fitment of aftermarket handguards.

SPHINX Firearms

  • Where are SPHINX pistols manufactured?
  • SPHINX pistols were formerly manufactured in Switzerland, with select models manufactured in the US. With the closing of the Swiss manufacturing facility in 2016, SPHINX production was transferred to our facility in Chesapeake, VA, where they are currently manufactured.

    SPHINX pistols are manufactured exactly the same as they were in Switzerland and held to the exact same standards.
  • How and where can I purchase a SPHINX pistol?
  • Dealers that stock KRISS firearms also have access to SPHINX firearms. Please contact a KRISS dealer for ordering information or view our Dealer Locator to find the KRISS USA direct dealer nearest you.

    If you are outside of the United States, please see our list of International Dealers to find the appropriate KRISS importer for your country.
  • Are magazines, accessories, and parts available for SPHINX pistols?
  • SPHINX magazines and accessories are available at your local SPHINX authorized dealer and through our online store (US customers only).

    While spare and replacement parts are not listed on our online store, they are available for purchase. Please contact KRISS USA Customer Service for ordering information.

    If you own an out-of-production SPHINX model including, but not limited to the SPHINX AT380, AT2000, AT3000, etc., we do not have any inventory of replacement parts nor magazines for these so-called “legacy” firearms. These models were discontinued prior to SPHINX SYSTEMS acquisition by KRISS Group. As such, we are not able to service these firearms nor sell spare parts or magazines. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
  • What holsters are available for my SPHINX pistol?
  • Many carry options are available for your SPHINX pistol through many manufacturers, including Safarliand, Blade Tech, G-Code, Bravo Concealment, Raven Concealment, Blackpoint Tactical, and more.

    Holsters are available for purchase through our online store.
  • Are night sights or optics available for the SPHINX SDP Compact?
  • KRISS USA currently does not produce night sights. However, there are several aftermarket night sight solutions available for current production SPHINX models by several companies including XS Sights, Meprolight, Modern Weapon Systems, and ZR Tactical Solutions.

    The rear sight dovetail is very similar to Novak specifications, however please note that the profile does differ slightly and fitment may be required. Engineering specifications are available upon request, however we are not able to provide direct assistance with regard to fitting aftermarket sights onto your SPHINX model.

    KRISS USA currently does not produce an adapter to install optics, nor are we currently aware of any manufacturers that do so. While we are aware of some SPHINX owners that have successfully milled the slide for optics, extreme care must be taken as the pocket where the firing pin safety is located is very close to the surface. If the slide is cut too deep, it will break in to this pocket. We are not able to provide exact measurements for this, nor do we offer services to mill the slide at our facility.
  • What is the difference between the SDP Compact, SDP Compact Alpha, and SDP Compact Duty?
  • These three models are all SDP Compact models with a steel slide and hard anodized aluminium frame. Where they differ is in the grip:

    SDP Compact and SDP Compact Alpha have the same size compact grip.
    SDP Compact grip is hard anodized aluminium.
    SDP Compact Alpha grip is advanced polymer composite.
    SDP Compact Duty grip is hard anodized aluminium and is a full-size grip, larger than SDP Compact and SDP Compact Alpha.

    The SDP Compact Duty is designed to accept our larger 17 round magazine but will not accept the shorter 15 round magazine. The SDP Compact and SDP Compact Alpha can accept the Duty’s 17 round magazine but the magazine will extend beyond the bottom of the grip.
  • What ammunition can I use with my SPHINX pistol?
  • Use only new, factory manufactured ammunition in your SPHINX pistol that is the correct caliber and is made to SAAMI specifications and/or C.I.P approved.
    For a more detailed answer, please visit our Compatible Ammunition page.
  • Are SPHINX pistols available for purchase in California?
  • There are no SPHINX pistols currently on California DOJ’s Roster of Certified Handguns.

General Questions

  • What kind of firearms does KRISS USA manufacture?
  • KRISS USA currently has three firearm lines available: the Vector, the DMK22, and SPHINX.

    The Vector line is available in several configurations:
    Vector CRB – Carbine with 16″ (18.5″ in Canada) non-threaded barrel.
    Vector SDP – Special Duty Pistol with 5.5″ or 6.5″ threaded barrel. Available with either a single point sling end cap or with a pistol stabilizing brace.
    Vector SBR – Short Barrel Rifle with 5.5″ or 6.5″ threaded barrel. NFA item; requires a tax stamp.
    Vector 22 – .22LR rimfire model, available in 16″ and 6.5″ barrel configurations.
    Vector SMG – Submachine Gun with 5.5″ or 6.5″ threaded barrel. Select-fire capability: semi-automatic, two-round-burst, full automatic.

    The DMK22 line is available in three models:
    DMK22C – Carbine with 16.5″ threaded barrel.
    DMK22C-LVOA – Carbine with 16.5″ threaded barrel and licensed WarSport LVOA handguard.
    DMK22P – Pistol with 8″ threaded barrel. Available with either single point sling end cap or pistol stabilizing brace.

    The SPHINX line is currently available in two models:
    SDP Compact – Compact frame Special Duty Pistol with 3.7″ non-threaded or 4.3″ threaded barrel.
    SDP Compact Duty – Same as SDP Compact, but with a larger grip associated with “full size” or “standard” pistols.

    Our current product catalog may be found under Downloadable Content
  • How do I register my firearm and what are the benefits?
  • KRISS Vector models purchased new from an authorized KRISS dealer include one year of warranty as standard.
    Upon successful registration within thirty (30) days of purchase, one additional year is added to your warranty.

    Registration is quick and easy through our Product Registration page.
  • How do I submit a firearm for repair service?
  • For all customers in the United States, you may contact us online or call us at 855-574-7787, Monday through Friday from 08:00 to 16:30 Pacific / 11:00 to 19:30 Eastern.

    Your customer service representative will collect information for the service request and provide you with instructions for shipping your product to KRISS USA.

    Please note: any repairs or modifications made by parties outside of the KRISS USA Service Center will void your warranty. We can only guarantee the work performed by our authorized KRISS USA gunsmiths. There are no authorized service centers outside of our own facility.

    Out-of-warranty service requests are processed the same way. Once your firearm has been inspected by one of our gunsmiths, you will be provided with a service quote. No work will be performed without explicit approval.

    Firearms are serviced in the order they are received.
  • What is the KRISS MagEx2 and which magazines are compatible?
  • The KRISS MagEx and MagEx2 is a magazine extension kit designed to increase the capacity of your Glock magazine. The original MagEx was designed only for the Glock 21 magazine (.45 ACP) and increased magazine capacity to 25 rounds.

    The KRISS MagEx2, released in January 2019, is an updated version of the original KRISS MagEx Magazine Extension kit. The MagEx2 is currently available for Glock 21, Glock 20, and Glock 17 magazines, increasing your magazine capacity to 30 rounds of .45 ACP, 33 rounds of 10mm, and 40 rounds of 9mm.

    The Magazine Extension kit is caliber-specific and designed only for full size, standard capacity, factory Glock magazines, Gen 3 or later:
    .45 ACP kit is for use with G21 magazines.
    10mm kit is for G20 magazines.
    9mm kit is for G17 magazines.

    We do not guarantee fitment nor performance of the MagEx nor MagEx2 kit with aftermarket magazines nor other magazine models nor calibers. Not compatible with reduced capacity 10rd magazines.

    The MagEx2 kit is available for purchase through our online store.
  • Does KRISS USA offer tours of the production facility?
  • The KRISS USA manufacturing facility in Chesapeake, VA is a secured, ITAR controlled facility that is not open to the public. We are not able to offer public tours of our facility.

    If you are part of a government agency, a tour may be scheduled. From an agency-provided email address, please contact us for more information.