KRISS USA is the North American extension of the Switzerland based KRISS Group. Product development, manufacturing, and distribution take place across the nation, from Virginia to California. KRISS USA is an avant-garde company, which is evident in our products, our employees, and our customers. Our diverse, world-wide, team give us a unique, global, perspective, which is the foundation for our distinctive methods. With our sights set on the future, we aim to change the world one innovative design at a time. At KRISS USA, design is more than what is on the surface, it is the careful coordination of function and form. Our mission is to provide the best ownership experience for our customer with groundbreaking ideas, quality craftsmanship, and distinctive design.


The KRISS brand name represents the tip of the spear in the advancement of firearms technology. KRISS is dedicated to developing more effective solutions corresponding to the demands of 21st century law enforcement, military, and civilian shooters. The philosophy behind KRISS firearms is to aid the operator in maximizing speed and accuracy when taking multiple shots, or engaging multiple targets. KRISS’s patented recoil mitigation systems counterbalance the barrel’s natural tendency to rise while firing. KRISS firearms use recoil energy to work to the shooter’s advantage, as opposed to against. Innovation is the pathway into the future and KRISS is dedicated to paving that road.


The SPHINX brand is deeply rooted in the Swiss tradition of precision craftsmanship. Originally founded in 1876 in Solothum, Switzerland as a precision tooling manufacturer, SPHINX has since evolved into the Swiss reference for pistol manufacturing. SPHINX compromises at nothing to provide the utmost in performance and craftsmanship to the law enforcement, military, competitive shooting, and collector’s communities. Starting with top-shelf materials, SPHINX firearms are completely machined from billet then meticulously hand fitted. Quality workmanship is paired with ergonomic design to ensure that every SPHINX pistol is a surgically precise tool that feels like an extension of the body. Though there are many faster and more economical ways to make a handgun, there is only one way to make a SPHINX, and that tradition of excellence is the cornerstone of the SPHINX brand.