Features Overview

Carry More When You need it

The flush fit 13 round magazine gives the SPHINX SDP Subcompact one of the largest carrying capacity of its class. You can choose to carry an additional 15 round or 17 round magazine to have those extra rounds when you need them the most.

Accuracy And Speed At Your Finger Tips

The smooth take up and clean break of the competition inspired trigger gives you accurate and precise control of each shot. The definitive and audible short reset gives you the confidence to shoot faster and to push your skills to the limit.

Quality That Can Be Seen Inside And Out

Every component found in the SPHINX begins life as a solid piece of billet material for strength and durability. Using precision instruments and machines, each part is milled out to exact measurements and hand fitted to ensure proper fitment in each firearm.

Grip With Confidence

The slim and comfortable grip contours your hands to compliment your natural shooting grip. Its aggressive textured polymer grip ensures that you get maximum traction with or without gloves. The SPHINX SDP Subcompact is the perfect carry companion during anytime of the year.

Consistency Is The Key To Precision

Keep everything in place with full length guide rails that keep the slide on track and on target. Tighter tolerances dramatically reduce play between the slide and frame for more consistent and precise results down range.

Available Models

SKUCaliberCapacityOverall LengthBarrel LengthTwist RateAction TypeMSRP
SD90-SCAL0009x19 mm106.55 in / 168 mm3.13 in / 79.5 mm1:10" RHHammer Fire $949.00View Product
SD90-SCAL0019x19 mm136.55 in / 168 mm3.13 in / 79.5 mm1:10" RHHammer Fire $949.00View Product