Rifles Overview


Vector CRB - The only pistol caliber carbine with recoil mitigation technology and a bore axis below the trigger. More info
Vector CRB – California - California compliant Vector CRB with no pistol grip, fixed position stock, and 10 rounds magazine. More info
Vector CRB – Maryland - Maryland compliant version of the Vector CRB with a 10 rounds magazine. More info
Vector CRB – MA / NJ - Massachusetts and New Jersey compliant Vector CRB with a fixed position stock and 10 rounds magazine. More info
Vector CRB – Canada - Canada compliant version of the Vector CRB, classified as an unrestricted firearm, with an 18.6" barrel and 10 rounds magazine. More info


Vector SBR - Compact and lightweight, with minimal felt recoil. The Vector SBR does what no other short barreled pistol caliber rifle can. More info
Vector SBR Enhanced - The most versatile version of the Vector SBR with more rail space for accessories and ambidextrous side folding stock. This short barreled rifle is classified as an NFA firearm. More info


Vector SDP-SB - Optimized for one hand operation, the Vector SDP with stabilizing brace is a versatile, lightweight, pistol caliber firearm. More info
Vector SDP-SB Enhanced - The most versatile Vector SDP with more rail space for accessories and a folding arm brace for convenience. More info


DMK22C - The no-compromises rimfire AR-15. Full metal construction, 10/22 barrel compatible, AR-15 furniture compatible sporting rifle. More info
DMK22C LVOA - The officially licensed rimfire reproduction of the iconic War Sport Low Visibility Operations Application rifle. More info


DMK22P-SB - The stabilizing brace configuration of the DMK22P offering more stability and control in a small package. More info


Vector 22 CRB - The rimfire reproduction that incorporates the aesthetics and ergonomics of the iconic KRISS Vector carbine. More info


Vector 22 SDP-SB - The most popular stabilized pistol caliber carbine now available in the most popular rimfire caliber, .22LR. More info
January 17, 2020