Parts Kits

Items in this category are mostly small maintenance components that are grouped together as kits for your convenience.  Keep your firearms running like new by replacing tired springs and high wear items with these OEM replacement parts.

  • Vector Aluminum Safety Levers and Mag Button

    Vector Aluminum Safety Levers and Mag Button

    Product Description CNC machined aluminum safety levers and magazine release button. Hard coat anodized in high contrast colors to add subtle accents to your KRISS Vector. Features Material: Aluminum Color: Choice of Red or...

  • Vector Fire Control Group / Semi

    Vector Fire Control Group / Semi

    Product Description OEM fire control group for the KRISS Vector Gen 2 and Gen 2.1. The .22LR fire control group is for use with the Vector 22 only. Centerfire fire control groups are incompatible with the Vector 22. Features ...

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  • Vector Push Pin Kit / 2 Pack

    Vector Push Pin Kit / 2 Pack

    Product Description Pair of KRISS Vector body push pins for all Generation 1 and Generation 2 Vector models, all calibers including the Vector 22. Four pins total are used to secure the Vector receiver and upper assembly together. One...

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  • Vector Ejection Port

    Vector Ejection Port

    Product Description OEM ejection port for the KRISS Vector platform. Two types available depending on your caliber. Please use the correct ejection port with the intended caliber. Using an incorrect caliber ejection port may induce...

  • Vector Bolt Rebuild Kit

    Vector Bolt Rebuild Kit

    Product Description The KRISS Vector Bolt Rebuild Kit contains everything you need to keep your Vector's bolt operating like new. Features Includes: Firing pin, firing pin spring, firing pin retention pin, extractor, extractor...

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  • Vector Extractor Kit

    Vector Extractor Kit

    Product Description OEM extractor and spring for Gen 1 and Gen 2 KRISS Vectors. Please make sure you stake the extractor pin after replacement to ensure it does not walk out during operation. Features Includes: Extractor,...

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  • Vector Mag Catch Kit

    Vector Mag Catch Kit

    Product Description Replacement magazine catch kit for all models of the Gen 1, Gen 2, and Gen 2.1 KRISS Vector. Includes everything needed to refresh/replace the Vector's magazine catch. Features Includes: Magazine catch,...

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  • Vector Ambi Delete Kit

    Vector Ambi Delete Kit

    Product Description CNC machined, hard coat andozied aluminum replacement for your weak side safety lever. Streamline your Vector and rid yourself o f uncomfortable pressure on your primary grip hand with this simple aluminum part. Can...

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  • Vector Charging Handle Spring Kit

    Vector Charging Handle Spring Kit

    Product Description The Charging Handle Spring Kit includes replacement parts for the KRISS Vector GEN I or GEN II platform charging handle. Parts Included: Charging Handle SpringCharging Handle Slider SpringCharging Handle Slider...

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  • MagEx2 Replacement Follower Spring

    MagEx2 Replacement Follower Spring

    Product Description One replacement follower spring for the KRISS MagEx2 Magazine Extension. Spring is caliber-specific. Disclaimer This is only a follower spring and not the complete MagEx2 kit. It is only for use with the...

  • Vector Main Slide Buffer

    Vector Main Slide Buffer

    Product Description Replacement slider buffer for all generations and models of the KRISS Vector. Consumable part, replace when worn or as necessary. Buffer will either be green or black; there is no performance difference between the...

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  • Vector Firing Pin Kit

    Vector Firing Pin Kit

    Product Description OEM firing pin replacement kit for the KRISS Vector platform, all models and generations. Please be sure to stake the firing pin retaining pin to prevent it from walking out during operation. Features ...

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