These are the OEM replacement and upgrade components for your KRISS and SPHINX firearms.  Items in this category include internal and external components, including handguards and uppers for your Vector.

  • DMK22 Firing Pin Kit

    DMK22 Firing Pin Kit

    Product Description OEM firing pin kit for the KRISS DMK22 platform. Features Material: Steel Includes: Firing pin, spring, retaining pin.

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  • DMK22 Rail Section

    DMK22 Rail Section

    Product Description The KRISS DMK22 Rail Section directly threads to your KRISS DMK22 hand guard and is made from hard anodized aluminum. This rail section is perfect for mounting shooting accessories, such as lights and lasers, to the...

  • Picatinny Rail Cover Long

    Picatinny Rail Cover Long

    Product Description Made from lightweight aerospace grade aluminum, the KRISS Picatinny Rail Cover protects your hand from the sharp edges of the Picatinny rail. Covers the full length of the Vector receiver's bottom Picatinny rail. ...

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  • Vector Bolt Lock Mounting Block

    Vector Bolt Lock Mounting Block

    Product Description OEM bolt lock assembly for the KRISS Vector Gen 1 and Gen 2/2.1. If your Vector has a spacer plate underneath the existing bolt lock assembly, please be sure to reuse the spacer. Features Includes: Bolt...

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  • Hand Stop Quick Detach Sling Mount

    Hand Stop Quick Detach Sling Mount

    Product Description Updated version of the KRISS Picatinny Hand Stop. It serves as a point of reference to prevent your support hand from coming in contact with the barrel of the firearm. The front of the Hand Stop features a...

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  • Vector GEN II Hinged Upper / FDE

    Vector GEN II Hinged Upper / FDE

    Product Description Complete upper assembly for the hinged folding stock Gen 2 KRISS Vector. Ready for use with your Gen 2 KRISS Vector receiver. Body Push Pins and Grip Cover not included. Not compatible with the Gen 1 KRISS Vector. ...

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  • Vector Receiver Picatinny Rail

    Vector Receiver Picatinny Rail

    Product Description OEM Picatinny rail for the bottom of the Vector receiver The Vector SDP Enhanced, Vector SBR Enhanced, and the Vector 22 CRB do not include this rail as the handguard that comes installed will not fit with this rail...

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  • Vector MK3 M-Lok Rail / Black

    Vector MK3 M-Lok Rail / Black

    Product Description The Vector MK3 M-LOK Rail is designed as a bolt-on hand guard extension for the rimfire KRISS Vector 22 CRB. The handguard's shape follows the form factor of the KRISS Vector's body, and is milled to reduce weight...

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  • LVOA Rail Section

    LVOA Rail Section

    Product Description Picatinny rail accessory section for use with the KRISS DMK22C LVOA. handguard, available in 7-slot and 12-slot lengths. For use with the KRISS DMK22C-LVOA handguard only. Photos for reference only. Actual product...

  • M-Lok QD Sling Mount

    M-Lok QD Sling Mount

    Product Description The low profile KRISS M-LOK QD Sling mount attaches onto any standard M-LOK slot. It accepts any standard push button quick detatch sling mounts. Features Color: Black Material: Steel

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  • Vector Bolt Lock Trigger Kit

    Vector Bolt Lock Trigger Kit

    Product Description OEM bolt lock trigger for the KRISS Vector platform. This part presses on the bolt lock to lock the bolt open when the magazine is empty. Features Includes: Bolt lock trigger, bolt lock trigger retaining...

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  • Vector MK1 Modular Rail / Combat Grey

    Vector MK1 Modular Rail / Combat Grey

    Product Description The KRISS Vector MK1 Modular Rail is designed as bolt on hand guard extension for your Gen 2 and Gen 2.1 KRISS Vector CRB, and is made from aluminum alloy. The rail's shape follows the form factor of the KRISS...

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